Cursed Pilgrimage

by Progfox

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Joshua Nicholls
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Joshua Nicholls Some very recognisable melodies in here, brilliant execution with incredible moments in this record. Take out the spoken word bits and it's my fav EP of this year! Favorite track: Mirage.
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This EP, 'Cursed Pilgrimage', is my attempt to explore something different to what I personally am used to writing. The 8 tracks are all tied together conceptually by a simple story about a man's isolation as he searches for companionship in a world that is missing everyone he ever remembered. The pieces tag between spoken word narration on top of ambient pieces to set the mood and dark melodic instrumentals that guide the listener through the environment the story's character is walking through.

While short, I believe the EP creates an interesting journey for those willing to listen and evokes an interesting atmosphere that could be loosely defined as 'Dark Acoustic/Ambient' with some simple progressive elements.

This EP is far from perfect. But alas, it's here now.

--The Story--
A nameless man is walking through a forest. For how long he has been walking, he is unsure. His memories have become an incoherent blur as he seems to endlessly search for someone, or something, so he doesn't have to be alone any more. Without any great sudden reveal, he spots a bird in front of him; an albatross.

They both stare at each other closely for a long time, before the bird takes flight and circles around him, before flying forward. The man follows silently, keeping a close eye on the bird, lest he lose it. Eventually, the trees begin to thin and he can spot a magnificent shape above him.
A great mountain, with sketchy precarious paths carved out nature.

The albatross drops to its feet at the base of the mountain and looks at the man silently, twitching its wings softly before taking to the air once more and ascending the mountain. The man follows quicker now, a hint of desperate enthusiasm in his movement as he climbs the path leading to the top. The howling wind threatens to throw him off at any second, but he prevails and is led into the mountain's cavern.

By now, he is beginning to develop a fascination with the bird, as though they have been friends for a very long time. The bird mocks its pathetic companion and simply continues deeper inside, where the caverns are untouched by sunlight, and only the faintest of shimmers from oddly formed crystals hanging from the stone ceiling guide his path.

The man introspectively reflects on his position. With great self pity, he drudges after the bird, feeling worse with every step. All of the feelings of isolation and lonliness he successfully numbed for so long were returning. He tries to keep close to the bird, but it pulls ahead, almost as though disgusted by his craving for companionship. Feeling defeated, he continues on, not noticing the air becoming thicker despite his mind reawakening to the world again.

Then, the bird begins to talk to him. Almost unphased by this impossibility, the man follows, deeper into the mists of the cave that unbeknownst to him are playing tricks with his mind. He begins to see and hear things and only when his eyes are dazzled by the bright light of the sun is he snapped out of his hallucinations.

He has been led to the top of the mountain, where all of the land meets the sea. The crashing of the waves is overpowering, even at this height. The albatross leads him to the edge and beckons him to peer over. He stares blankly at the dozens of bodies that litter the shallow rocks in the sea, and realises all too late that his companion, the only living thing around for miles, has led him to this grave. When he looks to his feet, where the albatross had been circling, it has gone and is nowhere to be seen.

He stares at the sun and plummets into the sea, with not a single sound or thought against it.


released May 8, 2014

Silky Progfox-Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, midi sequencing, script writing

DC Clark-Narration, script writing

Enikő Nyíri-Artwork, cuddles

Cassius Ames-Button Pressing

And dedicated to little Dev, who was around for most of the writing of this. So many demo tracks with meowing in the background.



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Progfox Scotland, UK

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